Tutoristic was set up with the prime intention of tutoring pupils to develop their creative minds, build their confidence
and ensure they reach their full potential. Working in collaboration with their parents/guardians will continue to be an on-going part of that successful process.

Tutoristic has been operating for over several years, and we have tutored many pupils, within the 5-16 age range; it has been a privilege to work with each pupil.

Each student is an individual and it is important to understand how every pupil’s mind processes information. When we take the time to develop this crucial skill, we hold the key to shifting their thinking, developing their thoughts and teaching them how to think on a higher level and in the process, motivate them to achieve the results they want to attain.


Coaching is another aspect of our business. We coach GCSE and post 16 students in study skills a couple of months prior to their exams. This can be quite an anxious time for both students and parents, and nerves can get the better of many of them, therefore good planning and preparation is fundamental.

There are 5 elements to the programme;

  • Managing Your Time
  • Stress Management
  • Exam Techniques
  • Structuring Essays/Answers
  • Confidence Building

The programme is delivered on-line, and is a very beneficial course which enables the student to really get to grips with making sometimes small but effective changes to their study programme, to see significant changes and progress in their exam results.