We all require tuition or mentoring in one area or another as we embark on our journey to identify and develop our gift. We live in a competitive society with rising levels of unemployment and increasing specialisations in the job market. A sound education offers many opportunities and is therefore a major factor for success.

As tutors and mentors, we have realised the importance of educating and nurturing the next generation to reach their full potential and become confident adults; developing a positive relationship with parents/guardians is equally an important part of that successful tuition process.

As tutors, we believe that our role is to help your child or young person become who they want to be and achieve their success. We tailor work to suit any ability, pace and aspiration and want your child to enjoy their learning experience.

Tutoristic offers tuition to students if they are:

  • Working towards 11 plus, entrance exams and SATs
  • Finding aspects of work hard at school
  • Bored or frustrated at school– either because school work lacks challenge or due to the presentation of tasks
  • Enjoying learning and wanting more of a challenge
  • Struggling with KS2/KS3 English or maths

We offer tuition in:

  • Maths, English and Primary Skills
  • Grammar School /Common Entrance
  • Primary KS1/KS2
  • SATs 
  • KS3 preparation in English and maths

We also offer coaching and mentoring in ‘Study Skills’ for GCSE/ 6th Form/Graduates

Tuition Packages

We offer tuition at an agreed all inclusive price.   All our packages include a 5-10 minute verbal feedback to parents with homework and/or tests papers set and marked weekly and homework set for the following week

N.B Travel/petrol costs will be added to the hourly fee outside a 5 mile radius.

General Primary KS1/KS2 Tuition

1 hr of Tuition

Eleven Plus/Common Entrance Primary Tuition

1 hr of Tuition

General Secondary Tuition

1 hr of Tuition

If you require more details about the services we can provide, please get in touch for a free no obligations consultation.

Sixth Form & Graduates

Study Skills Support

At some point during your studies you may ask the question; what am I doing?

Arm yourself with good techniques and information to ensure you lay strong foundations to managing your academic studies.  Managing Stress, Time Management, Writing and Research Techniques, Structuring Essays, Revision Techniques is a very beneficial Study Skills programme I have put together to help students like you, who feel overwhelmed by the level of work they have to produce. This programme is tailored to each student’s needs and is delivered on-line.

Study Skills Mentoring/Coaching

Initial Session

We arrange a half an hour 1-1 session, at no cost to you  via Skype, to discuss the expectations you have about mentoring,  identifying your targets, goals and outcomes.

One to One Mentoring/Coaching

We agree on whether a one hour on-line session at an agreed price or an all inclusive cost incorporating a series of sessions is suitable for you. The objective is to look at your current situation and put in place a sequence of achievable solutions to get you from where you are to where you really want to be.

“I have known Pauline on a personal and professional level for many years. I needed help for my daughter to assist in the preparation for the 11+ examinations- Pauline offered her services. She worked diligently and effectively over the summer break, and as a result of her efforts my daughter was successful in meeting the requirements and was offered a place at three grammar schools. I would recommend Pauline to anyone and have since done so. Thank you Pauline for your support in helping our daughter achieve her full potential.”

Mrs A Orcan

“I wish to let you know that Elizabeth passed the Medway and Kent 11+ exams and she also passed the Mayfield Grammar assessment test. The outcome of Elizabeth’s exams success is based on the standard of lessons Pauline gave Elizabeth over the past year. It is also worth mentioning that it is great value for money with so much learning materials provided for Elizabeth.

I am writing on behalf of our entire family to sincerely thank you for a job well done; we appreciate you and will continue to recommend you to all our family members and friends.”

Mr J Kanu

“Pauline started tutoring our daughter during the summer before the start of year 5. The aim of the summer tuition was to bring our daughter up to speed on the areas of work she needed help in. For over the 6 weeks summer break Pauline was able to achieve this that by the end of summer our daughter had built confidence in her weak areas and this set a good foundation for the commencement of the 11 plus tuition. The past year has flown by so quickly and Pauline’s approach to teaching has resulted in successes in the 11 plus exams for Kent and Medway.

Pauline is patient but strict enough for our daughter to know she means business. Our daughter has grown so confident in her ability over the last year that this has also reflected positively in her school work and school reports. We are very grateful to Pauline and the work she has put in. Our daughter has one more common entrance exam to do in November then her SATs in May but the preparation Pauline has given her is so invaluable that this would stand her in good stead for any future endeavours. I cannot recommend Pauline enough.”

Mr and Mrs Odubunmi